Delegate your Cardano Wallet Today at Sonic Staking Canada.

How to delegate your Cardano today

Sonic Staking Cardano Canada is a dedicated fibre optic gigabit connected server located at pool id: SSCC

Take your Cardano / Ada cryptocurrency to the next level by delegating on Main-Net. You can try it out today on Shelley Network, with our responsive server, where you can earn extra interest off of the amount you stake in your Daedalus or Yoroi wallet. These funds stay in your wallet, and your control!. What is a delegation? It is literally just the method of "certifying" the funds you keep on the block-chain in your digital wallet, to earn your rewards! Simply follow our guide, connect to the pool ID listed above within the app and you are all finished. Please follow updates on, where we are paving a new open door to the network that will revolutionize cryptocurrency, as an everyday medium that the economy can, now use. How important is Cardano? If you read into the values and principals behind what this coin stands for you will see that it has a benefit to the Earth, and the entire human race. Some of the 3rd world is in the early adoption phase, to make Cardano their main form of currency. Decentralization will unravel a fighting chance for everyone in the world. We all stand together to bring light to a new economy. Stand up for anonymity on record today!

Please see our guide for up to date instructions on the latest developments for the end user AND ENTER OUR $100 AMAZON GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY EACH MONTH BY DELEGATING!

Also: Please check out our new enhanced Dashboard: Login/password: anonymous

And be sure to see our menu above for more information about Cardano/ADA and some of the family children's art

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