The Soup DIet

One thing I think that is prevalent among quite a few Canadians, is we have all gained the 20 or maybe 40 pounds even, with the distance everyone took to get from March to September, enduring Covid-19. Sure, there were quite a few people enduring to get exercise, but not as many as who felt they did not have access to enough exercise, with many services closed, I work out, mostly treadmill and weights, but the gym was closed and many of us spent days indoors. And lets face it sometimes even the walks we got did not cut it. So, as a reasonable man, who ate average food, and never really had much of a short supply, I gained 23 pounds. I was looking for a way to shed myself into a new shape, and I think I have found the answer to the aftermath of Corona Virus. The Soup Diet.

Maybe people were not sure what to expect, during the wars people set up bunkers underground, the food was stored in cans, and much of the canned product was soup. After the war, many people even had to loose weight, and I started reading into how people ate after our world wars. See this article here. Most of these people were eating hot pots and soups. In a relevant thought, people eventually became more fit in the 50s. See this article here. So, I decided, what a better discovery, than to realize that Soup was the answer to how people ate, and it is now the answer for me.

Well what does it take to go on the soup diet. Lets look.

You see, in 2010, I had my lower intestine removed in an emergency surgery, and did not recover well. My body is less than to be desirable when it comes to well being, and makes it quite difficult everyday.

I'm not a all afraid to admit it, I am currently 202 pounds. I have stocked up on a mass of canned food, as well as fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits, and spices, and I happen to have an amazing wife that has the magic touch with with combining these ingredients. She is whipping me up daily soups that are seasoned to perfection, and a man like me is very, very blessed. Maybe soup is just one of those things that works in quite a few ways, but I like the one in my family the best.

I enjoy working on this server, and I want you to stay tuned to see if I can make a difference in my health, and I currently report that although I suffer from fatigue, bathroom problems, and dehydration, that the first few days of the soup diet has improved my mood, and made my life sustainable. I just simply liked my body more when I was weighing in at 176 pounds, and even though I still have a lot of my muscle from in my 20's, there is the overshadowing of how thousands of Canadians feel about gaining the Covid-19 weight. Its bogging us all down!

I will document my progress with the soup diet, lets all see if I can shed the Corona Virus pounds! And please enjoy the rest of the site! Delegations are for you to control, and are widely appreciated!

       -Benjamin Napora

Natural Redmidies

Some people have been feeling down or depressed as a result of Covid-19. If you need a really good day, sometimes it can be as simple as visiting your local Vitamin and Supplement store. I recommend GNC Live Well. Their stores can be found all over Canada, and have some of the best remedies for your solutions to your health.

The supplement I am going to recommend this month is called 5-HTP. Information about the benefits of 5-HTP can be found here.

Although 5-HTP can not be used everyday, it has rapid potential to put you back in a happy mood, something we all need to get back on our feet and make progress. The Corona Virus does not have to ruin your day, and we all deserve such great heights.

More resources about 5-HTP can be found here.


How about how important it is to clean your home of germs, viruses, dust, mold smoke and other harmful dirt and debris? We can all agree this is vital to the effort in stopping Covid-19.

Well, a couple new products are really popular right now, but one for cleaning out surface areas that stands out the best right now is Mr. Clean - Cleanfreak 

After buying my first bottle of this cleaner in an effort to do some extensive cleaning around the house, I was delighted with the ease of this natural smelling disinfectant and cleaner that held no barriers in removing the toughest stuck on messes with just a wipe of paper towel. The nice thing about this modern day cleaner, is the nozzle contains a battery in which continuously sprays for a short duration after the trigger is squeezed. And did I ever enjoy squeezing the trigger! This is the type of thing you can simply soak a stuck on dirty toilet bowl with and wait only a few seconds before it all dissolves and wipes away with little or no effort.

This product is safe for all sorts of surfaces from your kitchen, to bathroom, and everywhere else. You simply cannot go wrong with such a powerful cleaner. Everybody knows Mr. Clean has earned the name, but this new advancement in cleaning is worth a try. Give it a go!

The Cure

Many people are looking for good herbs and spices to cook with, and many spices we don't realize have somewhat of an euphoric effect that effects us differently when we consume it, depending on the amount we consume and the product. I would like to introduce to you something that tastes pleasant in cooking, and naturally makes you feel overjoyed with happiness. The herb named Kanna (channa) is the perfect ingredient to put smiles on peoples faces! This is derived from a South African plant that literally means the word "chew" in their own language, and has been around for centuries! This plant contains an active ingredient called Mesembrine, that naturally uplifts the spirit acting as a Re-uptake inhibitor for the Serotonin gland in the brain, causing you to feel a good over-all well being. Many people take Kanna in different ways, and some people use the herb in an extract form for more potency. Kanna tastes very pleasant, and could be compared to Seasoning Salt, with a mild after-tone that is woody and sweet. It works well in things like Curry for example. There are plenty of ways to obtain Kanna worldwide, and Canada has many places that grow it locally as well. Now, if you are feeling like you need a new adventure into the land of herbs and spices, look no further. Common single servings are anywhere between half to a full gram. Kanna has the shimmering representation of creating a feeling of  "giving what you feel" and "feeling what you give" that is unparalleled as being a herb that is truly, passionately satisfying. And why not try a new herbal remedy or spice during Covid-19. For variety is the spice of life. From a personal experience, it turned me into a "Yes" man, "yes, your dinner was decadent!" "yes, I will clean the dishes" "yes, I will clean the house" "yes, I will give you a massage" "by the way, your feet feel amazing!!" 

  --submitted by the anonymity on record.


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