Family Art

Made by: Vivianna, Mila, and Stanley

My children are very passionate about the business investment we have created, and would like you to consider that they make these drawings, because they understand that some countries in the world have a longer way to go, and do not have the same kind of opportunities that we have, because of the way the worldwide economy currently is. Cardano, or ADA as my family depicts in these drawings is the answer for everybody to earn more off of what they have, without consuming extra energy and resources. By delegating Cardano/ADA we can give countries all around the world, that do struggle in the economy - a fighting chance, all the while we can earn for ourselves. The key is in a universal currency that does not hold boundaries. It is soon to be adopted by the hearts of nations such of Africa, as their main form of currency, and beyond. We now have the power to show the next person how much we care that they have opportunity in life. If you like the passion that my children share, delegate your funds today. You will love what you do, for you, and everyone in the world that needs economic change. Our current fiat economy was invented in the dark ages, and sets back the average person that wants to for example, build the fix for our ecosystem. Many people have the intelligence to build factories all over the world to correct our ozone layer. Actually fix the problem with our ecosystem. But, do the governments that are trillions of dollars in debt have the power and resources? I urge you to read and teach the future children that the economy can change, and the power to create, can be beheld by the person who has a life to live with every opportunity possible. With an economy that does not set us back. Cardano/ADA creates itself, and it creates a wonderful plan for our children to achieve a brighter future. Everybody deserves a chance, so delegate today. Enjoy the art, and we will add more passion for bright futures as life goes on! Enjoy!

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Sonic Staking Cardano Canada is now accepting submissions for pictures and photos related to the Cardano Art, that are drawn and painted with a positive, uplifting nature, and promote well being. Having the Cardano symbol in the picture is a must. As Anonymity on record is important to us, you are welcome to remain anonymous on the sites record if you wish. All art submitted will be screened before posted. To submit art, please email

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