What is Cardano?

For those of you who are new to Cardano/ADA, lets start by reminding you of the almighty cryptocurrency that is commonly used and seen at bank terminals, online, etc. A bitcoin, currently floating at a price around fifteen thousand dollars Canadian, gained its value originally by being mined by high speed video cards and ASIC microchips. These microchips would compute a complex mathematical algorithm that would solve blocks on the network. These consumed lots of electricity, and other costs incurred in order to create more bitcoin. Eventually, it became more valuable due to a limited supply. 

Now to sum up Cardano/ADA, collect the idea that there are many other severs (currently a thousand or so) servers like ours, linked together, and although they are just regular computers that do not require high amounts of energy, the topology of all of them linked together allows us to solve a similar complex algorithm. This allows the users whether a stake pool operator, or a delegate, to earn interest and rewards off of the solved blocks, without consuming more energy than a regular computer. Often people wonder, why it would retain its value. With currently over 32 billion coins in the supply chain it continues to grow because people are buying up the Cardano, and the reason it could retain its value is because people will require it more. Why would they require it more? Because it is one of the easiest ways to earn large amounts of interest off of your funds. It is quicker than a bank, and provides a greater return on average. The basic principle of fiat money as we know it is based on, sorry to say but everybody has heard money being called something of greed, yet the Cardano/ADA coin is based on giving. Cardano plays a special interest in the hearts of people that need to make a difference in this world. To see the importance Cardano/ADA is making in important parts of the world click on this link.

There is nothing more important than giving the next person in this world a chance to succeed. Especially when the benefit is for everyone. Remember, a delegation is simply a complex way of saying that you are "certifying" the fact that you have the funds in your wallet, so that you may receive the interest and rewards. The certification fee goes to the network, and the funds stay in your wallet, your control. After holding the funds they just generate more. Cardano /ADA is simply put, a leading standard growing everyday. The rewards will only get better and better.

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